Booking FAQ

Before inquiring

Please ensure you have viewed my portfolio as shown on this website, and are requesting a similar art style.  

Once you have viewed my portfolio and wish to book for something similar please submit an inquiry via the  Contact page. Remember to check my tour dates and current locations before submitting, as inquiries for other locations will be unable to be answered.


Please also be aware due to my changing schedule I only ever book 4 months in advance if you would like to get tattooed further in the future please submit your inquiry closer to your desired date. 


Once you have submitted an inquiry please be patient as responses can take some time especially when I am touring or guest spotting, but rest assured I will get back to all completed and relevant inquiry forms. 





In person consultations are only ever performed for large and complex designs, all other bookings are booked online. 


Consultation Days:

I hold consultation days once every few months where I book clients who's design is too complex to be booked without a consult.

I do not offer consultations in person other than consultation days.

Most consultations take around 20 minutes to a half hour. 

What to Bring:

During your consultation we will discuss your tattoo idea, size, placement and budget so please be ready with all reference media you may have, you can bring printed photographs of art styles you like or simply have them prepared on your phone or tablet.  We will also be booking your tattoo appointment on this day, so please ensure you bring enough cash with you for a deposit. (variable depending on project size, between $200-$500 USD or equivalent in local currency)


Booking a date:

At the end of your consultation we will be looking at times and dates to book in your tattoo, due to my incredibly busy and changing touring schedule I only ever book a maximum of 4 months in advance (with the exception of confirmed convention dates as listed on the touring page), so if you are unable to get tattooed until much later than that, please contact me closer to the date that you wish to get tattooed. 


Once we have settled on a design, placement, size and date for your tattoo you will be required to leave a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This is paid in cash as I travel often and many shops do not offer credit or debit facilities so I therefor unfortunately cannot guarantee the availability of electronic payment and I am sorry if this is inconvenient. 



Artwork process

Due to copy-write your artwork will be unable to be sent for "viewing" prior to your appointment, all artwork will be available the morning of your tattoo in person, should you require small alterations it will be done in person free of charge. 


Alterations to artwork:

During your consultation we will have settled upon a theme or basic outlay for your design including the size, location and budget and my finalized vision of this outlay will be available in person on the day of your appointment


Should you require to change your design idea, size, location or budget entirely from the agreed upon design I will need to be notified at least 3 days prior to your appointment date.

Please be mindful that although I will make every effort possible to accommodate design changesif a client repeatedly changes design idea I will be unable to accommodate the original booking date and you will need to come in for another consultation. This is because I want to make every effort to ensure that you are 100% happy with your end product. 


Small changes (such as adding or subtracting a leaf or petal on a rose, moving an item or removing a non major object or deliberations on colour) will be done in person free of charge on the morning of your appointment when you view the artwork, and I am more than happy to tweak the artwork until you are happy with the overall design.


However unfortunately if you change your mind multiple times on the day, or entirely from the agreed upon design or are unable to articulate your desired alterations in such a manner that I am uncomfortable permanently altering your appearance, I will be unable to tattoo you on that day.

If this is the case I will need to re-book you and your deposit may be forfeited to cover my loss of income for the day, this is not something I ever wish to do, however I will never tattoo someone who does not appear to be as enthusiastic about their new ink as I am. 


"Do whatever you want" Deals 

On the rare occasion I offer a discounted set price to a client willing to let me do whatever I want on a blank canvas. 

This is exactly as stated, the deal only applies to the artwork of my choosing, should you desire to modify it in part or change it entirely you will revert to a regular priced booking. 





Please be aware that all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE however they are transferable in the event that you require to reschedule I will happily roll your deposit forwards to your new date if given at least 3 days notice.


Why are deposits non-refundable: 

I deal with a lot of inquiries every day, I hand select which tattoo ideas would best suit addition to my portfolio and perform all my consultations myself, after your consultation I will select which available date best suits both your schedule and mine and I will reserve this date just for you. 
Once you have reserved a date it means that other prospective clients will not have it available to them, and may not be able to book in for their tattoo and potentially miss out. 

This is a lot of work that has been done on your behalf prior to even starting to design the piece, so even if you change your mind with sufficient notice I do unfortunately need to be compensated for the time spent.
This is never something I want to do, and I will make every effort to accommodate rescheduling wherever applicable. 


Cancelling your appointment: 

Should you require to cancel even with more than 3 days notice I will still have invested this time as described above, and potentially denied other clients on your behalf. As such, unfortunately the deposit will have to be retained to cover  the work time invested. 


Rescheduling your appointment:

Should you need to reschedule and you have provided more than 3 days notice I will be happy to honour your deposit and roll it forward to your new tattoo date. 

Likewise if I require to reschedule you for any reason that is no fault on your part I will endeavour to give you at least 3 days notice, (its only fair) and if I cannot do so I will discount the price of your tattoo to the value of your deposit. 


However, unfortunately should you fail to give an adequate amount of notice that you require to reschedule I will be sadly unable to rearrange another client to fill your space and the deposit will have to be forfeited. 

If you require to reschedule for an unknown timeframe I will hold  your deposit for a period of 90 days. If you have not contacted me within 90 days to book an alternate date your deposit will be considered abandoned.


Failure to prepare

want to tattoo you! So I ensure that on the day of your tattoo appointment I arrive early, have my artwork prepared and my equipment ready. I have no prior commitments, I have dedicated my day to you and your new art. 

Please ensure you do the same.