Liz's detailed and incredibly vibrant tattooing has caught the attention of many industry product creators, supply companies and influential industry contributors.


As such she has been placed in the unique position of being able to pick and choose which companies she wishes to use, recommend and receive sponsorship from.


When it comes to sponsorship Liz would always prefer to go without, than put her name to an inferior product or company for the sake of free or discounted product. She respects her clients and the artists that look up to her work and as such would never use or promote a product that she did not feel was the best there is, because we all deserve the best.


The following are the companies and products that liz uses, recommends and is proudly affiliated with.


Tattoodo Ambassador

Liz is a proud Tattoodo Ambassador, joining the ranks of the industries elite artists to create a non biased art focused community for tattoo clients and Artists alike. 

Tattoodo together with artists like Liz has created a versatile app that allows clients to search via art style, location and studio for the perfect artist.

View Liz's tattoodo profile here! 

Fusion Pro Team Artist

Fusion ink is arguably the best tattoo pigment on the market, and has long been Liz's go to product for crafting her vibrant tattoos.

Liz is a Fusion pro team member and loves attending conventions with the fusion crew.  Liz is very outspoken about the quality of fusion inks because all our clients deserve the best of the best!


Neo Tat Machines - Pro Team Artist

Liz has been using Neo Tat machines since she began tattooing in 2011, she has found them to be so reliable she still often uses her original machine that has run without fail or hesitation for 6 years and thousands of hours of tattooing. 

Liz is a member of the Neo Tat family and loves attending conventions with Neotat's creators Ray and Karen to show fellow artists these beautiful and reliable machines.

Check out Neo Tat Machines here

Helios Cartridge needles - Signature Series Pro team artist

With the intorduction of needle cartridge systems into the tattoo industry, ever seeking to further her art Liz jumped straight into trying every brand available.

She was unable to find a brand with a suitable variety of sizes, a high enough quality and product reliability that fit her standards until she found Helios. 
Helios cartridges are the most consistantly perfect needles Liz has ever used, and as such she proudly puts her name to their brand by joining their team as their first ever female sponsored artist.

Buy Liz's favourite needles in her signature series pack from Helios here!

Ohana Organics - sponsored artist

Ohana Organics lovingly hand produces small batch Vegan and organic aftercare and tattoo butters.
As a stickler for skin care Liz only ever recommends the best and has tried many brands, she finds that Ohana organics is simply the best on the market. 
She uses and recomends Ohana Organics with complete confidence in not only their product but their brand integrity and dedication to minimal waste and environmental damage. 

Shop Ohana Organics here

Electrum Premium Stencil Primer - Sponsored Artist

With large detailed stencils and artworks Liz finds she needs a reliable stencil product that can last 10 to 12 hours without letting go. 

She trusts and recommends Electrum premium stencil primer, its non deoderant or alcohol base allows for stencils to firmly adhere for hours without failing. 

Click here to shop Electrum

Painful Pleasures Family artist

With one of the largest warehouses in the industry and one of the most impressive product catalogues Liz finds Painful Pleasures to be the most reliable tattoo supply company currently in the market. 

There is nothing worse than having to break your order into multiple orders as the suppplier is out of stock, Painful pleasures offers the reliability and premium products that Liz's busy tattoo shedule demands. 

shop with painful pleasures here