General information:

Tattooing is an irreversible procedure & although I take extreme care in producing premium quality artwork, please be aware that due to the nature of tattooing a living canvas and that variances from the original design to the finished product on skin are to be expected.

I use only the highest grade single use disposable equipment for all tattoos I create, however due to the nature of a tattoo and the variability of clients own bodies and adherence to aftercare instructions, any infections or ink loss, ink fading, or allergic reactions are not the fault of myself and upon booking you agree that I will not be held liable.

I am more than happy to advise on any issues you may have with your tattoo, and offer a free touchup service if contacted and advised of the requirement within 90 days of your original tattoo appointment.

Touchups that booked are within this time frame are free of charge, and all touchups require an in person consultation prior to booking your touchup.

Touchups booked outside this timeframe incur regular shop rate.


Refusal of service

Please be aware I at all times reserve the right to refuse service for any reason such as poor attitude, being unprepared, unreasonably late for your appointment, being in a medical or physical condition unsuitable for tattooing, or simply changing your mind with an unacceptable amount of prior notice or an excessive amount of times.

A common reason for refusal of service is excessive alterations to size, small details or placement, this is a common indicator of being uncertain and could mean later on you regret rushing in.

I unfortunately will be unable to tattoo you if i feel that you are too uncertain about your design and are "settling" with it, please be aware this is for your own benefit as it is my professional opinion that clients whom "settle" with a design are ultimately less happy with the finished product.

My full portfolio is available online and I typically book several months in advance, if you have not conveyed your design requirements fully by the time of your appointment, or observed my style before booking and are then uncertain on your tattoo day in such a manner that I am no longer comfortable tattooing you, I will be unable to re-book you and your deposit will be forfeited to cover my loss of income.


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